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Madison Square

Hawkins Partners, Inc led a redesign effort to transform the existing greyfield site into a new urban core for the neighborhood of Madison. Based on the input from a series of public meetings and presentations, the design team laid out a multi-phased vision plan that proposes a dense, pedestrian focused in-fill development. At final buildout, the Madison Square will add over 1,000 residential units, over 350,000 SF of office and over 160,000 SF of retail. The current site offers no public green space; however, the new plan adds over 5 acres of green space with a 1-acre civic plaza serving as the heart of the development.  The proposed final product is a walkable mixed-use neighborhood that promotes a healthier, more sustainable model for urban growth on a site historically defined by its automobile-centric nature.

Nashville, TN
Project Completion:
10.9 acres
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