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Peabody Plaza

Continuing to re-imagine the traditional workplace, Hawkins Partners, Inc. (HPI) is honored to be among the talented team which brought to life the visionary mix-used office and community park design of Peabody Plaza. Positioned as a part of the Multi-staged Rolling Mill Hill Master Plan, Peabody Plaza draws on the rich history of the adjacent Trolley barns and gives way for the future in serving as a connector and gateway between the Cumberland Green Way and SoBro. The approximately .80 acre park, open to the public, sits atop a 1,005 space underground parking garage and includes access to outdoor work spaces, an outdoor Cafe, and two great-lawns. 

Located at the North-Western corner of the site, Peabody Plaza blends the boundary of the indoor work space by providing a 6,000 SF outdoor Amenity Terrace which includes spaces for work, play, and contemplation. 

Nashville, TN
Project Completion:
2.80 Acres
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Photos by “Kendall McCaugherty © Hall + Merrick Photographers

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