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Alloy Apartments and Artisan Spaces

Alloy is a mixed-use development located in Nashville, TN, with site development and landscape architecture by HPI. Spread over approximately 5.5 acres at the terminus of Heron Drive, Alloy offers exceptional living, working, and entertainment spaces that cater to the needs of Nashville's growing community. The project embraces the manufacturing heritage of the site and its context through not only its bold industrial design aesthetic but also its incorporation of small-scale manufacturing into the development.

Its robust use of sustainable site design strategies is central to Alloy's design design. Natural green stormwater infrastructure integrates bioswales, bioretention, and pervious pavements. These strategies reinforce and showcase the project’s approach to environmental sustainability. Native and adaptive species enhance the local biodiversity and add to the site's ecological resilience.

Anchoring the landscape is the strategically sited pool and outdoor kitchen area provides a dramatic space for the residents. Nestled atop the steep wooded hillside, it is a haven for outdoor living while minimizing its impact on the natural gradient. The elevated deck design respects the site's topography, ensuring minimal disruption to the existing tree line and slope.

Another notable feature is The Maker Yard. The courtyard is dedicated to blending urban living with local manufacturing. Designed to serve both production and community purposes, it fosters a blend of work, interaction, and recreation. This infusion of manufacturing continues to reinforce the site’s manufacturing context.

The architecture is in seamless dialogue with the landscape. Taking cues from the site's industrial context, its intricate weave of metal and steel pays homage to industrial artistry. The landscape architecture respects and reinforces this aesthetic. Together, they conjure an environment where the industrial character is in harmony with nature.

Alloy is more than just a development; it's a vision realized. It showcases how a former manufacturing site can be reborn as a beacon of sustainability and design excellence. Alloy is a shining example of landscape architectural prowess, where the past is respected, the present is celebrated, and the future is sustainable.

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Nashville, TN
Project Completion:
August, 2018
5.5 acres
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