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Aerial Innovations
Laura Schroeder

Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is located on the east bank of the Cumberland River on a highly visible 7.5-acre site. Previously surface parking and abandoned industrial, the $9.5 million park is the first phase in a vision to revive Nashville’s riverfront. Cumberland Park is a family-oriented multi-use play park easily accessible from downtown and east Nashville neighborhoods. It incorporates creative and interactive landscapes to engage children and adults in free and creative play.

Amongst the many sustainable elements of the park, a highlight is the 100,000 gallon cistern located on the riverbank. Harvested rainwater provides a majority of the irrigation water for both Cumberland Park and the adjacent Nabrico project. Swaths of native plants flow in bands along the landforms that give structure to the large spaces of the park. The design team was led by Hargreaves Associates with HPI providing irrigation and planting design.

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Nashville, TN
Project Completion:
7.5 Acres
Excellence in Development - ULI, Nashville
Urban Open Space Award Finalist - TCA
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