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Nick McGinn

Harpeth Commons

Harpeth Commons, set in the heart of Tennessee's commercial realm, meticulously integrates sustainable landscapes with functional outdoor amenities, enhancing the ecological and aesthetic value of an outdated 18-acre office park.

The office park was originally developed in the 1980’s as the typical Maryland Farms suburban office park. The buildings were three- and four-story brick buildings with ribbon windows surrounded by surface parking. Their location in the highly desirable Brentwood submarket of Nashville has benefitted their occupancy and leasing over the years. However, with newer choices and more amenities to compete with for customers, an investment to renovate and re-position the buildings ultimately elevated Harpeth Commons to be competitive within the market.

By prioritizing green spaces, native plantings, and advanced stormwater management, Harpeth Commons not only addresses environmental concerns but also elevates the human experience. The strategic blend of utility and beauty, coupled with a commitment to minimizing operational disruptions, positions this project as a pioneering model in office park design, meriting recognition for its innovative approach to landscape architecture.

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Brentwood, TN
Project Completion:
May 2023
18 acres
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