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Orion Amphitheater

Hawkins Partners, Inc. led the site design efforts for a world-class amphitheater in Huntsville, AL that provides the region with live performances of all kinds from local and national talent. The site is approximately 10 acres set within a park-like environment and immediately adjacent to the MidCity Huntsville development. The opened-air amphitheater has a capacity of 8,500 people with primarily fixed seating and a structured stage with an overhead canopy for the performance area.

The Roman theatre inspired venue is set within a natural setting packed with large canopy trees. Strategic layout of walkways and infrastructure allowed for trees to be retained and a woodland art trail to weave through the trees. The intentional preservation of the existing tree canopy permits the site’s reflective beauty to remain intact. The site design reflects the Amphitheater’s larger ambition of creating an intimate and authentic experience for its users that is rooted in the unique Huntsville landscape.

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Huntsville, AL
Project Completion:
10 acres
Alabama Tourism Department: Tourism Partnership of the Year 2022
Alabama Mountain Lakes Association: Attraction of the Year Award
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